Why choose PitStop?

Interaction / selection of objects

PitStop has an extensive toolset which enables you to select, check and edit any object in a PDF file: text, graphics, images, blends, these can all be manually edited or automatically corrected.

PDF Geomapper – truly unique in the market

Using PDF Geomapper, PitStop preflight will only show warnings or errors about objects that are actually needed to print the file. This eliminates any kind of false error that have been a problem with preflight solutions for many years.

Preflight restrictions

Restrictions allow you to restrict a preflight checks or fixes to certain elements or parts of a PDF file. PDFs often include additional content or technical information that will not be part of the printing process. You can choose to not include these in a check or check these elements using different criteria. Examples would be to:

• Restrict preflight to an irregular shape such as a dieline or cutter guide

• Check cover pages differently to text pages within the same PDF

• Ignore technical inks like varnish or embossing

• Only preflight certain layers or color separations